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5 safety risks associated with motorcycle riding

These days, many people choose to ride motorcycles due to their cost-effectiveness, shorter commute times and overall practicality. However, these advantages also come with serious drawbacks. Here are five risks associated with motorcycle riding:

1. Lack of visibility to other drivers

Motorcycles are smaller and easier to miss than cars, especially under certain circumstances, such as in blind spots, at night or during poor weather conditions. This reduced visibility increases the risk of motorcycle drivers being involved in an accident.

2. Increased impact of road hazards

Road elements such as potholes, gravel, debris, uneven road surfaces and wet or slippery roads can be more dangerous for motorcycles than for cars. Motorcycles are generally more vulnerable to greater impact from these road conditions due to differences in their design and how they are operated.

3. Less stability

In connection to the point above, motorcycles having two wheels makes them less stable than four-wheeled vehicles. This can easily affect the motorcycle’s balance and the rider’s control over it, especially during emergency braking or evasive maneuvers.

4. Intensified exposure to elements

Without the protective shell and safety systems (e.g. air bags) of a car, motorcycles expose riders to wind, rain, heat and cold greater than how drivers in a car or truck would be. Not only can this be uncomfortable, but also impact a rider’s ability to operate the motorcycle safely.

5. High risk of severe injury or fatality

In the event of a crash, motorcyclists are more exposed and therefore more likely to sustain serious injuries or fatalities compared to car occupants. This increased risk is primarily due to the lack of protective barriers that a car provides, as well as the fact that motorcyclists are less visible to other road users.

Riding a motorcycle requires additional skill and coordination compared to driving a car. Hence, it is important for motorcyclists to be well-trained, always ride sober and be vigilant about road safety. This helps reduce the risks of motorcycle accidents that could result in severe injuries or fatalities.


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