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NFL player's dog banished after bite that caused disfigurement

Far too often, there are reports of "man's best friend" inflicting serious injuries, especially when that best friend is a breed that has a reputation as being dangerous. When these types of dogs attack, victims can suffer permanent disfigurement along with emotional scars. Though several Arizona communities have enacted laws that restrict ownership of potentially dangerous breeds, these frightening attacks occur far too frequently.

It was reported that a Staffordshire Terrier belonging to NFL quarterback, Dak Prescott, will have to be relocated to another jurisdiction after attacking a neighbor last month. According to the report, two of the athlete's pets escaped his home and were involved in a fight with a neighboring woman's dog. When she intervened to save her pet, the 90-pound animal turned on her. She received a bite to her hand that resulted in the loss of one of her fingers.

Children must be taught how to behave safely around traffic

Almost 6,000 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in 2017, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Many of those pedestrians were adults. However, some of them were children who may not have known how to be safe around traffic. Most adults know how to stay safe as pedestrians, but young children need to be taught these safety skills.

Take your child for walks

Arizona organization stresses need for motorcycle safety course

In 2018, an estimated 3,000 motorcyclists were seriously injured or killed in motorcycle crashes on Arizona roads. As a result, one organization believes there is an urgent need for an effective course on motorcycle safety. In a program that is the only one of its kind in the country, motorcyclists have access to a safety course that offers scholarships to help pay for the course fees.  

In spite of the alarming number of crashes in Arizona every year, the number of registrations continue to climb. That is one of the reasons that the Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation (AMSAF) offers classes to inexperienced motorcyclists and those who wish to improve their skills. According to the director of the foundation, an estimated 75 percent of riders have never received safety instruction.   

Arizona officials working to find cause behind fatal car accident

At times, the unexpected events in life can result in joy and fond memories. Sadly, these events can also bring tragedy and grief that will forever change families. Arizona officials are working to determine the reason why a driver was headed in the wrong direction and caused a car accident that took the lives of three people.

According to the preliminary reports, a 26-year-old man was traveling in the south-bound lane of a local two-lane roadway. For reasons that are yet unclear, the driver veered over the dividing line and headed straight into oncoming traffic in the northbound lane. His passenger vehicle collided head-on with an SUV carrying two people.

Drowsy driving a significant factor in causing serious car crash

Everyone is aware of the dangers posed by an intoxicated driver. Another danger -- and one that may even be more common -- is driving while drowsy. Though some Arizona residents may feel that driving sleepy is often unavoidable, it can be a factor in causing a serious car crash.

In spite of the dangers of drowsy driving, nearly one-third of drivers included in a recent survey admitted driving when they were almost too sleepy to keep their eyes on the road. According to studies, those who drive after 24 sleepless hours function as if their blood alcohol content would be .10, which would exceed the legal limits of .08. Yet in spite of the risk, the problem persists. While there is no clear way to assess a driver's impairment due to tiredness, a study conducted by AAA in 2018 analyzed video footage of drivers moments before a collision, and it was estimated that nearly 10 percent of crashes could be blamed on drowsy drivers.

Arizona still lacks comprehensive distracted driving law

Nearly every state legislature has passed some form of law that seeks to curb the use of electronic devices while driving. Up until this legislative session, Arizona lawmakers have failed to seriously consider a wide-reaching bill banning cellphones by all motorists. Sadly, the death of a police officer due to distracted driving may be the catalyst lawmakers need to take up the issue once again.

This past July, a bill was passed banning the use of cellphones while driving by those under the age on 18. For the past 10 years, one representative has sponsored a bill that has never been voted on by the full senate. The governor has expressed his willingness to sign a measure to curb distracted driving if one were to be presented for his approval. According to the latest available figures from the Arizona Department of Transportation, approximately 3,000 wrecks in 2017 were attributed to distracted driving.

Wrong-way driver causes fatal car accident that kills 4

Traveling the busy Arizona highways comes with a certain amount of risk posed by congested traffic and negligent drivers. Sadly, even the most diligent drivers cannot always avoid the dangers posed by a negligent or careless driver. Recently, four people died in a multi-vehicle car accident.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the crash occurred shortly after noon along a stretch of I-10. Police had received reports of a driver traveling in the eastbound lane who crossed over the median into the westbound lane. Once there, the driver collided with an SUV. A tractor-trailer traveling in the same lane smashed into the wrecked vehicles.

Tragic chain-reaction car accident kills mother, 5-year-old child

Each day, Arizona parents fasten their children into their motor vehicles and head off to handle their daily errands without any serious concerns about their safety. Sadly, with the increasing numbers of distracted drivers on the roadways, driving a car can quickly become a dangerous task. Recently, a deadly car accident has forever changed one Arizona family.

According to the Department of Public Safety report, a 34-year-old man was driving his pickup truck along State Route 51 as the traffic flow ahead of him began to slow. For reasons that are yet unclear, he reportedly failed to take corrective actions in order to avoid striking the vehicle ahead of him. His truck rear-ended the sedan that was traveling in front of him.

Animal control officer suffers serious injury, probable scarring

Those who work with animals are aware of the hazards they face when dealing with a difficult or frightened creature. This is likely even more true for animal control officers who are called to deal with possibly dangerous dogs that can inflict serious injuries and scarring. One such Arizona worker recently discussed his horrifying experience.

The man, who has more than 20 years of experience in working with animals, was out on a routine call to collect a pet rottweiler that had been designated as a vicious animal due to its history of attacks on people. The officer was accompanied by a local police officer as a safety measure. As the animal control officer moved to take the dog into custody, it propelled itself forward and proceeded to attack. The worker threw up his arm in an effort to protect himself.

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