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Answering Common Personal Injury Claims Questions

Everything happened so fast, as my motor vehicle accident developed. I don’t think I was at fault, but how can I know for sure? My head injury prevents me from remembering exactly. All I know for sure is that I’m struggling to keep up with medical bills. I can’t pay them if I can’t work.

Your compelling situation calls for immediate attention by a detail-minded, experienced personal injury attorney. I can research what happened, examine police reports and determine where the negligence occurred. If you were the victim, we can discuss the customized representation you need — from investigation and negotiation with the at-fault party’s insurer, to litigation in court. My law firm’s goal is always the maximum financial compensation that restores your life to normal.

The injuries I sustained in my accident prevent me from traveling to your law office. Can a consultation take place over the phone?

I always try to accommodate prospective clients with debilitating injuries. Home and hospital room visits are available to anyone who needs one. And your consultation is free. You have absolutely nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by contacting me.

Without a job that I’m healthy enough to go to each day, I’m sure I can’t afford to pay your fee. Will I have to represent myself against the person whose carelessness hurt me?

No. Self-representation is never a good idea. My law firm’s contingency fee policy means that clients owe no legal fees unless your case is won.

I never dreamed that my own insurer would pursue a medical lien against my personal injury settlement compensation. Is this legal? Can anything be done?

Many factors in our system are legal but unfair. My commitment to justice for you means that I will personally resist any effort to take away one dime of the settlement you achieved that reflects your sacrifice. I pride myself on a tradition of aggressive advocacy in cases like these.

Speaking of “advocacy,” when an accident injury becomes fatal, how does your representation change, if any? How do you go about advocating for the rights of families in mourning?

Forcefully but diplomatically. I am the kind of lawyer who welcomes the opportunity to speak truth to the power of insurance companies who protect the negligent, in wrongful death cases — all the while remaining extremely sensitive to the fragile emotions of grieving family members. I seek out every possible source of compensation that would address the many different kinds of loss felt by survivors, from financial to physical and emotional.

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