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Helping Cyclists Seriously Injured In Arizona Bicycle Accidents 

Bicyclists are every bit as vulnerable to the actions of negligent motorists as riders of motorcycles are. Many drivers will veer into bike lanes and generally disrespect a biker’s right to navigate streets safely.

Were you seriously injured while riding your bicycle on a sidewalk, in a bike lane, in a crosswalk or the shoulder of a highway?

If your goal is to file a claim for compensation that recoups accident-related losses, the friend and advocate you want on your side in the East Valley is experienced personal injury attorney Nathan C. Cooley.

At The Law Office of Nathan C. Cooley, PLC, your rights are protected; your health needs are respected; and your financial burdens are acknowledged in ways that make you feel special. Our Mesa law firm’s founder has fought successfully for injured people like you for more than 10 years.

During that time, Mr. Cooley has repeatedly resisted the efforts of major insurance companies that try to take advantage of the situation and, on behalf of careless drivers, “lowball” bicyclists with legitimate injury claims. His commitment to obtaining maximum financial compensation for you is personal — and total.

Personal, Caring, Aggressive Lawyer For Injured Bicycle Riders In Greater Phoenix, Arizona

The more serious the bicycle accident injury — traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord damage causing paralysis are perfect examples — the higher that Nathan C. Cooley raises the level of his quality legal services. And while his investigation skills, negotiation talents and litigation proficiency are on full display, clients benefit from his tradition of attentive personal service too.

Did catastrophic injuries sustained in your bicycle accident effectively prevent you from ever working again? Did a fatal bicycle accident end the life of a family member or close friend?

Features of our practice that make life more convenient for you are free initial consultations and a contingency fee policy that frees you of responsibility for legal fees unless we win your case.

Don’t let another day go by without calling us. Don’t let those medical bills and lost wages continue to mount. Our number is 480-295-7235. We welcome all email messages.

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