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3 ways trucking companies can reduce the risk of a crash

The average collision is the result of something that drivers do or fail to do in traffic. Choosing not to stop at an intersection or failing to use a turn signal can directly lead to a preventable collision. However, sometimes the underlying cause of the crash relates to actions or choices by those not actually in one of the vehicles.

Some of the worst crashes involve semi-trucks, and the companies that operate them might be to blame instead of the motorists involved in a collision. Transportation companies can potentially take action to reduce the risk of a semi-truck colliding with passenger vehicles.

How can trucking companies protect the public from the risk of a commercial vehicle collision?

With better employment practices

The demands that trucking companies place on employees might lead to someone causing a crash. For example, demands to get a delivery in on time regardless of other factors might force a truck driver to stay on the road when the Hours of Service rules dictate that they should stop driving for the day or the week. The driver may also feel compelled to speed or to travel on roads not rated for commercial traffic to reach their destination on time. Other times, trucking companies may hire brand new drivers or those who don’t even have a commercial driver’s license. Even the requirement to interact with a dispatch device could lead to a preventable semi-truck crash.

With better underride guards

While they are relatively rare, underride collisions often have tragic consequences. Both rear and side underride crashes are likely to cause absolute devastation to the smaller vehicle and potentially fatal injuries to the occupants of the vehicle. Currently, there is a requirement for rear underride guards, the best guards go beyond the established requirement. There is not currently a federal requirement for side underride guards, so companies may choose not to invest in these lifesaving devices.

With consistent vehicle maintenance

An analysis of the collisions caused by commercial vehicles shows that a small but significant percentage of those crashes are the result of issues with vehicle maintenance. Putting off crucial repairs or using cut-rate maintenance services might ultimately lead to a driver losing control because of an issue with their commercial truck.

When a trucking company could potentially have prevented a semi-truck crash with better practices, the business may have a degree of liability for any collision that occurs. As such, pursuing a personal injury lawsuit or commercial insurance claim against a trucking company could be a smart choice for those harmed by semi-truck crashes.


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