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My first time ever having to hire an accident attorney. Nate knew exactly what needed to be done and knows exactly what he is doing. He is aggressive and will treat your case as such to get what your case is worth. He exceeded my expectations to the moon and back. Thank you Nate!

– Maria Contreras

When I was rear ended I had no idea what to do. After numerous lawyers who advertise on T.V. would not take my case I started looking online. Nathan Cooley was very responsive and willing to take on my case on a weekend. He is very personable and always professional. He always kept me up to date on the details of my case.I was never left in the dark about anything and was very happy with my outcome. I would recommend his services to anyone. Thank you Nathan for all your time and hard work!

– Rhiannon Pendergrass

After my accident in 2011, I contacted Nate because I had been referred to him by a co-worker. At our first meeting, Nate was compassionate yet realistic about what the outcome of our case may be. He clearly lined out the pros and cons and allowed us to make the decision that was best. He was always available by phone or email and never tired of my questions. Several times, he made phone calls just to keep in touch and to find out how I was feeling after my accident. Although the process took longer than we had hoped (no fault of Nate’s), we were more than pleased with the outcome! The results that Nate was able to achieve far exceeded our expectations. Nate is thorough, organized, communicative and responsive. I would highly recommend him and his staff.

– David Pitts

While it might not be ideal to be in a situation where you have to hire an attorney, finding a good one can be difficult. I have to say, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Nathan Cooley. He represented me in a car accident case where he personally dealt with incompetent representatives and adjusters. He managed to achieve the best result possible. I am very appreciative of the assistance he provided and highly recommend him.

– Maria Ramirez

I am very grateful that I was introduced to Nate Cooley. I had gotten myself into some tricky situations with some not so friendly people, but Nate was able to guide me through and help me get to where we needed to be. His professionalism and knowledge kept the situation under control making a potentially devastating situation manageable. I would give him the highest recommendation.

– Dustin McBride, DDS

We have been impressed with Nate Cooley’s diligence, persistence and creativity and we would highly recommend him.

– Gary Moody, Metro Fire Equipment

Nate has helped me navigate a number of issues related to my dental practice and my other business ventures. He has always done a great job and produced fantastic results.

– Richard P. Baker, DDS

Nate Cooley has provided legal counsel to my company for several years. He is honest and very hard working. He has handled a broad range of issues for us and continues to yield results that exceed my expectations. He is a good listener and quickly understands the facts and issues we are facing. He works well with opposing counsel and keeps cool and focused throughout the litigation process. His good communication skills help resolve issues quickly which keep the legal costs low. He has always been fair with his rates for his services. I currently use Mr. Cooley for legal counsel and will continue to do so in the future. I without hesitation would recommend him to others.

– Jimmy Lindblom, Homestead Contracting Services, LLC

When my husband was rear-ended (3rd vehicle in a 3 car crash) we didn’t know what to do. My husband is self-employed and because we could not afford health insurance we didn’t have any for him. Nate referred us to some providers that worked on a lien until the case was settled. They were amazing providers and treated my husband with the utmost respect and kindness and were very thorough in their care. (One of the providers even helped my husband discover the reason for his stabbing pains in his chest that other cardiac and breathing specialists couldn’t figure out through their expensive testing- it was his blood pressure!!) After 6 months of physical therapy and 6 injection shots (to find the nerve causing the pain) he was finally back to “normal” for the most part. But those medical bills were so high, we were scared we’d owe because the limits weren’t enough. The driver who caused the accident only had the minimum limits and it wasn’t nearly enough to cover the bills so our insurance kicked in with underinsured coverage which helped tremendously though it still wasn’t enough to cover the medical expenses. Nate, negotiated the bills down DRASTICALLY, so much so, that we were able to walk away with a good chunk of change after he paid the medical providers to be able to pay some outstanding debts that were taking a toll on us, and even buy a small older used boat so that we could actually have some family time with our kids on the lake on day trips from time to time. My husband works nonstop to provide for our family and never gets a vacation. This accident threw is for a loop and really stressed out our family. But thanks to Nate, now our quality of life has improved. To walk away from an accident is a blessing indeed, but to walk away in better shape than before, is a miracle. We went to one other guy who was a little arrogant in his abilities claiming he was the best in his profession and I highly doubt he would’ve done for us, what Nate did. Thank you Nate for looking out for my husband and our family.

– Ann Reilly-Coppee

Our company uses Nate Cooley for a wide range of legal services. Mr. Cooley’s broad range of legal knowledge has been a tremendous help to our business. We can always count on him to deliver prompt service and excellent work.

– Bill Lomu

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