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Why is fatigued driving such a significant issue?

Drivers have a duty to remain fully aware of what’s going on around their vehicle while they’re on the road. This means they should be awake and aware so that they can make decisions that will help them and others on the road to stay safe.

As such, driver fatigue is a serious issue that can lead to significant danger on the roadways. Drivers must pay attention to how they feel so they don’t drive while they’re not mentally capable of operating a vehicle safely.

Fatigue can stem from more than a lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is an obvious cause of fatigue, but it’s not the only one. Anything that makes someone drowsy can lead to problems. This includes working shifts that force a person to drive while they normally sleep. Another issue that can lead to fatigued driving is drugs. This involves illegal ones, but over-the-counter and prescription medications can also cause it. For example, antihistamines and narcotic pain relievers are common culprits.

Microsleeps are a primary concern

One of the main issues that can occur with drowsy driving is when a driver dozes off while they’re driving. A microsleep lasts only a few seconds, but that’s enough time for a catastrophic injury to occur because the vehicle is moving without sufficient control by the driver. In only five seconds, a vehicle will move the length of a regulation football field if it’s moving at 55 miles per hour. That distance will be even longer if the vehicle moves at interstate speeds.

When a crash occurs

The victims of a drowsy driving crash may suffer from catastrophic injuries, which can lead to costly medical care. They may not be able to return to work as they did before the crash. This can also have a significant impact on their finances, but they have the option of seeking compensation from the fatigued at-fault party to help offset negative financial impacts.

Working with a legal representative who can help them learn their options and build the case to move forward is generally a good idea, given what’s at stake and the complexities of such matters.


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