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What are the top causes of traffic fatalities in Arizona?

A traffic fatality is a sudden, harrowing experience. Deaths due to road crashes happen every day, causing unspeakable pain to families and loved ones. When road crashes happen, what are the causes behind them that may lead to death?

Negligent behavior of drivers

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), there were 1,294 fatalities in the state in 2022. Driver behavior was the usual reason for traffic fatalities, with the top negligent acts being:

  • Speeding: This occurs when law enforcement determines that a driver’s speed is unlawful or inappropriate for certain conditions. Speeding caused serious accidents that led to 426 deaths.
  • Failure to use safety devices: Crashes also happen when drivers forget or ignore the use of safety devices like helmets and seat belts. There were 364 deaths due to the failure to use a safety device.
  • Impairment: Driving under the influence of alcohol poses dangers to drivers, passengers, motorists and pedestrians. There were 223 fatalities because of crashes related to alcohol.

In addition, the ADOT said that the deaths on state highways in 2022 and 2021 were roughly the same. On the other hand, there were more deaths on nonstate highways or local roads in 2022 compared to 2021.

Reminders for road safety

Moreover, the ADOT reported that the 1,294 traffic deaths in 2022 is the second-highest figure in the state after the 1,301 deaths in 2006. Also, traffic fatalities in Arizona have been on the rise since 2019. As a result, the ADOT urged drivers to follow traffic laws, avoid distractions and focus on the road.

Seeking justice and restitution

If your family member is a victim of a traffic fatality, how can you seek justice and restitution? With legal guidance, you may file for a wrongful death lawsuit within two years of their death. You may pursue damages such as loss of consortium, medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages, emotional suffering and mental distress.


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