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Should you report a minor car accident to your insurance?

Determining whether to report a minor car accident to your insurance company can be confusing. It can be especially challenging when the accident appears minor, with little to no visible damage or injuries. Minor accidents could include situations like a small fender bender, a minor scrape or a low-speed collision.

Regardless of how minor the situation might seem, there are several reasons why you should still report it to your insurance company.

Staying ahead of the other driver

In Arizona, reporting a minor incident to your insurance company is not legally required. However, doing so can be beneficial. Reporting the incident provides your insurance company with the necessary details about what happened. With the information you provide, they will be better prepared if the other driver decides to file a claim against you.

Considering injuries from minor accidents

When considering injuries from minor accidents, it’s crucial to remember that even in such incidents, injuries may not be immediately apparent. Soft tissue injuries, for example, might not show symptoms until a few days after the incident. Reporting the accident to your insurance company allows them to document these injuries.

This documentation can help establish a connection between the accident and any injuries, which could become important if symptoms develop later on and a claim needs to be filed.

Starting the claim right

Leaning toward the safe side by reporting the incident to your insurance company is important. Doing so not only provides a formal record of the event but also prepares you for any potential claims that may arise in the future. Plus, it becomes especially beneficial if the other driver was at fault, as you may later need to file a claim against their insurance for bodily injury, avoiding unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses.

If you find yourself in a situation where the other driver was at fault, or you need to file a claim for bodily injury, you should consider consulting an attorney. They can help you with your insurance claim and recover compensation according to your accident.


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