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Why drivers flee the accident scene and what to do about it

After the jarring impact of a car wreck, both drivers must check on each other and work out details on how to move forward. But some drivers behave callously, making the already tragic situation even more traumatic. They intentionally leave the accident scene without providing essential information or reasonable assistance.

Aside from panicking and trying to escape liability, there may be other causes that drivers do not stop after a crash. Knowing these reasons can guide injured parties on what to do next.

Why a driver wouldn’t stop

A hit-and-run accident can take on varying forms. It may be a car hit while sitting in traffic, with the culpable driver speeding away from the scene. It can also be a dented car door left in the parking lot or street without any note.

Some of the reasons an offending driver would do this include:

  • Lack of insurance
  • A suspended license
  • An invalid vehicle registration
  • Outstanding warrants or immigration concerns
  • Intoxication or involvement in any illegal activity

As difficult as it is to react calmly, injured parties must try to compose themselves and assess the damages. If they or their passengers are severely hurt, they must prioritize seeking medical aid. Once they are at a secure location, they can call the police to report the incident with as detailed information as possible. Individual witnesses or nearby establishments with security camera footage may help locate the offending driver.

After speaking with the authorities, they may contact their insurance company to file a claim. If the at-fault driver is untraceable, the situation can be more complex than usual.

Why stopping matters

Stopping after a collision shows that both drivers care and are responsible enough to address the unfortunate circumstances. After all, neither party benefits if the offending driver flees the scene without rendering their legal duties. They may incur penalties, like hefty fines and imprisonment, while the other driver sustains potential life-threatening injuries. At this point, Arizona legal representation proves invaluable in recovering compensation and reaching a fair settlement with insurance companies.


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