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Ways pedestrians can stay safe around trucks

When you’re strolling or pedaling along Arizona’s roads, it’s good practice to maintain a safe distance from trucks and traffic. Unfortunately, huge trucks have blind spots that make pedestrians or smaller vehicles hard to see. While drivers should always be careful, pedestrians can also take steps to avoid an accident.

Staying away from no zones

Contrary to popular belief, truck drivers do not necessarily have a superior view of the road just because of their elevated position. However, trucks have dangerously large blind spots or no zones that can hide people and smaller vehicles. Knowing where truck no zones are may help pedestrians avoid them.

A truck’s no zones are located in the following areas:

  • Directly in front: The truck’s height and long hood can create a blind spot of up to 20 feet. That’s enough room for a car to drive by unnoticed and much more for a pedestrian.
  • Directly behind: Trucks do not have rear-view mirrors, severely limiting the driver’s visibility. In general, if pedestrians can’t see both of the truck’s side-view mirrors, the driver can’t see them either.
  • Along each side: Both sides of a large truck have blind spots. The driver’s side no zone starts at the entrance and extends outward over one lane. The passenger’s side has a larger blind spot, possibly covering two lanes.

Make sure you are visible

Avoiding the truck’s “no-go” areas is important, but pedestrians can also make an effort to be visible to the driver. Trucks often hit pedestrians because of low visibility, especially at night. To combat this, pedestrians can practice the following:

  • Wearing bright clothing
  • Wearing reflectors at night
  • Avoiding staying on the right side of a truck

Additionally, pedestrians must also do their part in following right of way traffic rules and paying attention when crossing, especially at intersections. Avoiding walking on the road as much as possible and sticking to the far edge of the sidewalk and shoulders, can also reduce their risk of injury.

Due to the difference in size, a truck colliding with pedestrians can have devastating consequences. Even if they can hold the driver accountable, they may still suffer a lot of pain. Exercising vigilance and precaution can help reduce the likelihood of injury for pedestrians.


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