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Fault doesn’t bar recovery in Arizona car accidents

In some states, you are automatically disqualified from seeking compensation if you contributed to a car accident or if your degree of responsibility exceeded a specific threshold. However, Arizona laws are much different and more lenient.

The state follows a pure comparative fault system to award damages in car accidents and other personal injury claims. It means you can receive some compensation even if you are 99% responsible for a crash.

For instance, if you were 95% to blame, you can claim compensation for the 5% of losses for which you were not at fault. Your degree of contribution will certainly reduce the settlement due to you, of course. For example, if your claim is worth $100,000, but you’re 95% at fault, you’d only receive $5,000. 

Evidence is key to a successful claim

Gathering strong evidence is crucial to your car accident claim, especially if you share responsibility for a crash. Remember, you do not want to bear more fault than necessary, as it may reduce your potential settlement and leave you dealing with the aftermath of the crash on your own.

Collect any available documentation that can help establish the facts behind the crash, such as police reports, witness testimonies and photographs of the accident scene. Statements from accident reconstruction experts can also go a long way in shedding light on the circumstances that led to the accident.

Protect your interests after a car crash

A lot goes into settling car accident claims where more than one driver is to blame, from conducting thorough investigations to engaging in complex settlement negotiations with insurance companies. Litigation is also a real possibility in such cases.

The legal processes and technicalities involved can be overwhelming if you do not know how things work or what to expect.  That’s why seeking legal guidance to help protect your interests and increase your chances of obtaining a fair settlement is prudent.


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