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Avoid these 2 medical mistakes after a car accident injures you

Those seriously harmed in a motor vehicle accident count on compensation to help them manage their injury and treatment. Under Arizona law, there are no limits on the accident damages an innocent victim can seek.

While this is good for victims, remember that you must prove another driver caused the crash, and as such, you deserve maximum compensation. Since medical evidence is persuasive as proof, the mistakes below could endanger your accident award.

1. Not being honest with the doctor

Whether obtaining emergency care at the hospital or consulting with your doctor the next day, never minimize your injuries or symptoms. Some feel tempted to downplay the matter to avoid causing trouble, but this could jeopardize your financial compensation.

At the same time, do not exaggerate your injuries or make them seem more painful than they are. If it comes out that you misrepresented your harm, you could lose all compensation.

2. Not asking about your prognosis

Doctors are busy and may not consider discussing your long-term prognosis, at least at first. Usually, they concentrate on urgent medical issues until patients are stable. Take a moment to ask your care provider about the possibility of developing complications and how your injury might affect you in the long run. You will need this information to ensure your accident claim accounts for all the crash-related hardships you will face, including lost future wages.

As you can see, there is much to consider when filing an auto accident claim. Speaking with someone who can explain Arizona vehicle accident compensation laws may help you make sense of your situation and avoid minimizing your claim.


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