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How do insurance companies defend against a car accident claim?

The physical and economic impact of serious motor vehicle accidents can last much longer than most expect. When crash injuries are severe, they may require long-term medical treatment or prevent you from returning to work.

Accident victims don’t always realize that an insurance company may claim they do not deserve restitution for their losses. However, this is a risk you undertake when seeking car accident compensation.

Why do you need this information?

As an injured accident victim, you must do all you can to protect your interests. Insurance companies routinely deny claims, often stating that the victim made a mistake or did something wrong. Understanding that insurers are for-profit businesses with their own interests in mind helps you anticipate resistance and know when to keep trying.

What are some common defenses against claims?

Insurance companies often reject or delay claims based on inaccuracies or documentation errors, which is typically acceptable. However, innocent crash victims have a good chance of refuting the following car accident claim defenses.

Pre-existing injury. Insurers often raise this defense when victims were previously in an unrelated or past incident. Although you might have recovered from your prior injuries, the insurer may still attempt to use it against you.

Tip: Always see a doctor to establish a medical record.

Victim negligence. Using pure comparative negligence law, the insurer may try to prove that you caused or contributed to the crash and your injuries. If they succeed, it can compromise your compensation substantially.

Tip: Professional guidance may eliminate this risk.

We recommend increasing your knowledge of Arizona accident and injury compensation laws, especially if you suffered severe or catastrophic harm.


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