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Did your mechanic cause you to crash? 

Vehicle maintenance is pivotal to road safety. You’ve never been that knowledgeable about mechanical equipment, which is why you take your car into the garage to be serviced. Not only do you do this when something goes wrong, but you try and go in on a routine basis. 

The garage that carries out vehicular maintenance for you owes you a legal duty of care. A failure to honor this duty of care could result in a crash that causes you injury or ultimately costs someone their life. 

What are some of the more common errors that mechanics make and what are your options if the scenario above applies to you? 

Failing to diagnose the problem

There is a step-by-step process for repairing a vehicle, and the first part of this is to diagnose the issue accurately. If your mechanic identifies a problem that doesn’t exist then they are going to carry out a repair that wasn’t needed in the first place. If they miss the actual problem then it is likely to get much worse. On the roads, this could mean that your life is in danger. 

Failing to do repairs properly

Some garages operate very efficiently. This way, they can turn a greater profit at the end of each quarter. This is all well and good, but it should never come at the cost of consumer safety. If your mechanic failed to put the cap on the oil, forgot to tighten a wheel or made any other form of error because they rushed, then you may be able to hold them to account

As with all personal injury claims, negligence is the key. If a garage has failed to carry out proper repairs on your vehicle then you may be able to claim compensation for any damages that occur. 


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