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What should you expect from a traumatic brain injury?

A traumatic brain injury can be extremely serious and lead to many major changes in your life. After a serious auto collision, you need to seek immediate medical care to find out if you have a head injury and, if so, how serious it is.

A traumatic brain injury can vary in severity, so it could be mild enough to resolve on its own within a few weeks or months. In some cases, they can also be so severe that you require regular therapies to relearn to speak or walk. In a worst-case scenario, a brain injury could leave a person comatose or brain dead.

One important thing to realize is that the treatment for a brain injury is costly, but you deserve the opportunity to get it. Your priority after a crash is to seek medical care and to get support. The financial aspects of what you’re going through are secondary.

What can you do to recover your financial losses after a traumatic brain injury?

After you receive medical care, you will begin to receive bills from the hospital, ambulance service and other sources. You should keep track of those and keep copies, because you have the option of pursuing a claim against the at-fault driver to get compensated.

The way to make a claim is to first reach out to your personal injury attorney with these documents and information about the case, and then beginning to piece together the information to build up a claim. When the claim is submitted to the insurance company, if the driver has one, you want it to be thorough.

Keep in mind that insurance companies don’t always offer to settle for a reasonable rate right away. They may try to make you an offer that you don’t think is reasonable. In that case, your attorney will help by negotiating with the company or helping you prepare to take your personal injury case to trial.

Your brain injury could have lasting implications, and it can be expensive to deal with. Seeking a claim could help you avoid financial issues and focus on your health.


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