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What happens when insurers won’t pay for car accident claims?

Most people make consistent payments on their auto insurance policies, often for years or decades, and rarely need to file a claim. Car accident victims want the coverage they purchased when the crash damages their physical well-being and property.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies try to cheat the system, leaving accident victims without the means to pay for their harm. For example, insurers may deny valid claims or undercut an accident settlement.

Arizona laws protect consumers from unfair settlements

Not enough people know this, but Arizona law has an entire section addressing unfair insurance claim settlements. It includes a rather lengthy list of unjust practices insurance companies may use. Examples of unfair practices often used in car accident claims include:

  • Failing to acknowledge a claim filing
  • Denying a claim on an unreasonable basis
  • Failing to explain the reason for a claim denial
  • Offering lowball settlements to induce litigation
  • Failing to address the claim promptly and reasonably
  • Failing to investigate the claim within a reasonable period
  • Imposing requirements that are not present in the insurance policy
  • Trying to settle for less than reasonably expected (based on advertisements, etc.)

If you believe that the insurers with your car accident claim have treated you unjustly, you have rights under the law.

What can you do about unfair settlements?

Often, the ideal way to find justice is by filing a lawsuit against the insurance company that treated you poorly. However, most people benefit from seeking legal guidance to help them determine how best to proceed. Learning more about Arizona car accidents and insurance compensation laws is also a good idea.


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