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A driver’s dog may be the cause of your car accident

Summer is practically here and many people are taking their dogs on car rides to enjoy the heat. You may see a furry friend sticking its head out a car window to enjoy the cool breeze as it flies by. The dog’s owners may think some fresh air and a short drive would do them good.

They may not realize they may be putting themselves, their dog and others at risk of injury by having a dog in their car. Here’s how dogs may be the cause of your car accident:

Loose dogs in cars can be a distraction

An owner’s dog may enjoy running from one side of the car window to the other side to see everything possible. Dogs, however, don’t realize they may be a huge distraction while their owner drives. They might jump on the driver’s seat and make it hard for the driver to steady the car. This could cause the driver to swerve hard or speed up causing you to be in an accident.

What dog owners can do to reduce distractions from their dog

There are many tools that let owners bring their dogs wherever they go. Smaller dogs have the ease of being transported in dog carriers. The carrier helps restrain an owner’s dog, especially if the dog is easily excitable or anxious. 

Owners of a larger dog can use pet harnesses that restrict the mobility of their dog. A pet harness is similar to a seatbelt. Owners can even add extra restraint by putting netting between the back and front seats. This could stop a dog from leaving its harness and jumping to the front seat.

You may need to seek experienced help if you were recently in a car accident. You may be able to recover your losses from the wreck when you’re injured because another driver was negligent about restraining their pet.


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