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What protects you from uninsured drivers on the Arizona roads?

The consequences of a car crash can persist for years. Lost wages, property damage expenses and the impact of an injury on your earning potential can cause major changes in your life. For most drivers in Arizona, motor vehicle insurance will be the solution to their financial woes after a wreck. They can file a claim against the policy carried by the other driver and cover most of those costs.

When the other driver is the one who causes the crash, they are the ones liable for those damages. You make a claim against their insurance coverage. Unfortunately, some people in Arizona let their insurance coverage lapse, and others even cancel their coverage on purpose.

What protects you if you get into a crash with a driver who does not have the current, active policy?

State law

Arizona protects drivers by having clear rules regarding the obligation to insure a vehicle. However, there are always people who are happy to break any rule that the government enacts.

There are a significant number of drivers in Arizona without adequate Insurance on their vehicles. Arizona ranks 24th in the country in terms of the number of uninsured drivers on the road. Based on figures from 2019, the most recent year with data available, approximately 11.8% of Arizona drivers have lapsed policies on their vehicles.

A driver without insurance will likely face a citation for getting behind the wheel without coverage. Of course, their needing to pay a ticket does very little to reduce the impact of the crash on your finances.

Your insurance

Most drivers in Arizona carry liability coverage, but you can invest in more than the bare minimum. If you have collision coverage, that could help after a driver crashes into you when they don’t have insurance. Uninsured driver protection can also be valuable.

Civil court

Not every driver has the foresight to invest in extra insurance coverage ahead of time. If you don’t have supplemental insurance to protect you after a crash, then you may need to take the driver at fault for the collision to court. You can potentially ask for compensation for any verifiable losses, ranging from the price to replace your vehicle to the decrease in income you suffered because of your injuries.

Knowing your rights after an Arizona car crash will reduce the financial consequences of the crash.


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