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Is lost income all you can claim in a wrongful death lawsuit? 

If someone you love dies unexpectedly, such as in a drunk driving car crash, you may struggle to adjust to life after your loss. There will be numerous emotional challenges, to say nothing of the practical implications of losing a family member and their contributions to the household. 

Arizona law allows you to file a wrongful death lawsuit if you can show that misconduct, negligence or omissions by another party directly caused your family member’s death. The courts can award you compensation if they agree with your assertion and you have suffered sufficient economic impact because of the death. 

Many people make the lost future income of the deceased party the cornerstone of such claims. Is income the only thing you can claim other than medical expenses and burial costs? 

You can seek non-economic losses as well

If all you could seek were lost wages and provable costs, then the death of a stay-at-home parent, which is financially devastating, would not result in much compensation for the family. The family would have to undergo massive changes with very little to offset those losses. 

Thankfully, family members can claim the loss of support around the house, which can be the equivalent of a tidy annual salary, as well as your pain and suffering as a survivor. Determining the fair market value of someone’s unpaid household work requires that you look at what those services cost if you hire professionals. Placing a price on your grief is more difficult, but a lawyer familiar with such claims can help you with that process. 

Seeking financial compensation from someone responsible for your family’s recent tragedy with a wrongful death claim can be a powerful form of justice.


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