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Delays caused by grief could cost your family justice

Grieving an unexpected loss can be a long and difficult process. Many people require several years to move through all of the intense emotions associated with the death of a close family member. If you have children to support with their grief, your own might become less of a priority. It could be years before you really move on after your loss.

Losing a spouse, parent or child is always hard, but it can be even more difficult to process when your loss is unexpected and the result of negligence or bad behavior by another party. It’s important to give yourself the space you need to process your feelings after an unexpected loss. It is equally important that you don’t let your grief prevent you from seeking justice.

The civil courts can help you hold someone accountable.

The law in Arizona allows those affected by a tragic incident, like a drunk driving crash, to file a civil lawsuit against those responsible for their loss even if they also face criminal charges. A wrongful death claim will not only potentially lead to financial compensation. It can also mean that the court officially declares the other party responsible for the death.

Wrongful death claims can be an important source of closure for those struggling after a recent tragedy. However, there is a limited window of opportunity to file a wrongful death claim in Arizona. Just two years after the death of your loved one, your right to file a lawsuit ends.

Knowing the laws that govern wrongful death claims can help you seek justice for your family without allowing your grief to eliminate your legal rights.


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