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3 signs that you need a doctor to check you for a TBI after a wreck

When someone hurts their head, it can be a while before people realize they suffered an injury. A situation that causes a traumatic brain injury (TBI) may not cause immediate symptoms.

Someone with an injury that may only get worse and could potentially threaten their life might not go to a doctor because they don’t notice any obvious symptoms. Regardless of whether you feel like you suffered a head injury or not, if any of the three situations below apply to a collision you experience, it is likely a good decision to see a doctor and rule out the possibility of a TBI.

You hit your head during the crash

Blunt-force trauma is one of the top causes of TBIs. Whether you hit your head on the steering wheel because your airbag did not deploy or on the window of the vehicle, that traumatic injury could cause internal bleeding or swelling that worsens as time goes on.

It can be difficult to gauge the damage done immediately after a blunt force trauma, so having a doctor evaluate you for warning signs of a TBI is likely wise if you hit your head.

You lose consciousness during the crash

Blacking out or fainting is a common symptom of a brain injury. Someone doesn’t have to lose consciousness for several minutes or remain unconscious.

Even blacking out for a few seconds is a warning sign that the brain may have suffered an injury. Anyone who blacks out or faints during a crash will likely benefit from a medical evaluation to rule out a brain injury.

The collision was particularly violent, or there was an explosion

You don’t have to hit your head or pass out potentially have a brain injury from a car crash. If the collision involved your vehicle moving in a violent manner, such as rolling over or spinning, those aggressive motions could cause bruising or swelling of the brain because of the shaking motion involved. An explosion can also cause percussive force that leads to brain damage.

Recognizing that you need medical evaluation after a car crash can help you get the treatment and compensation you need to recover.


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