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3 delayed injuries to be aware of after a car accident

Driving in Arizona is a key privilege to many people. Often, the road is used as a means to get to work or visit loved ones. Unfortunately, the roads in Arizona can also be a hazardous place.

Car accidents are a regular occurrence and their consequences can be catastrophic at times.

Crucially, injuries that result from auto collisions do not always present themselves immediately. There are several types of injury that can display delayed symptoms. Outlined below are three of the most common delayed injuries that road users should be aware of.


Headaches are a frequent consequence of car accidents and it is vital to seek medical attention in the event of any type of head injury. Often, symptoms will be immediate and fade after a few days. However, occasionally symptoms might be delayed as well as prolonged. Persistent headaches could be a sign of a more severe neck or head injury.

Pain in the stomach

Superficial wounds such as cuts and bruises commonly occur after a car accident. However, injuries can also be internal. Pain in the abdomen might be a sign of internal bleeding which is a serious injury that requires medical attention.

Sudden changes in behavior

Occasionally, victims of car accidents might experience unusual changes in their patterns of behavior. This can vary from mood swings to memory loss. Behavioral changes could be a sign that something has gone wrong and it is important to seek a medical diagnosis in such scenarios.

Recognizing the potential signs of injury after a car accident could be in your best interests. As a road user in Arizona, you are legally protected.


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