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3 ways a traumatic brain injury could affect your household

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) will have lifelong adverse effects for the person who suffers the injuries. The TBI can also have practical, financial and even social implications for other people in their household.

Brain injuries can range from minor to severe. The symptoms they produce might include motor function issues, problems with balance, changes in personality or even cognitive issues.

Your family may need to make many changes when someone hurts their brain in a car crash. What are the practical ways in which a TBI will affect your family?

The treatment for a TBI can be quite expensive

Depending on the symptoms that someone presents after suffering a brain injury in a car crash, they may need extensive medical intervention. Treatments for TBIs range from surgery and trauma care to physical therapy. Some people even require life support because of how extensive the damage to their brain might be.

There’s a massive range of potential costs for someone with a traumatic brain injury. Average medical expenses could be anywhere from $85,000 to more than $3 million for a lifetime of medical care.

A brain injury can also affect earning potential

Someone who previously worked as a lawyer or a research chemist may not be able to go back to their career after a TBI. In severe cases, people may not be able to work any job at all. Recognizing the limitations of TBI will cause can help a family determine the long-term income impact the injury will cause.

A brain injury will possibly increase household expenses

The symptoms that a TBI produces will determine how much it affects someone’s contributions to your household. However, someone with an equilibrium issue likely won’t clean your gutters in the future, and someone with memory issues can no longer manage your tax filing every year. Your family may need to outsource the tasks once performed by a loved one with a brain injury. You may also need to bring in skilled nursing support if your loved one cannot care for themselves.

TBIs are among the most expensive possible injuries after a car crash, and those negotiating with insurance companies need to be aware of the real financial implications of the injury. Recognizing how a TBI can affect your family can help you take the right steps when someone hurts their brain in a major motor vehicle crash.


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