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Motorcycle crashes can lead to neck injuries

People who are on motorcycles understand the importance of wearing a helmet to protect the head. Some individuals might not realize that the helmet also helps to protect a rider’s neck.

This is important because a cervical spine injury can be life-changing, so anything you can do to guard against this kind of injury is a wise choice.

How do helmets help protect the cervical spine?

The cervical spine is rather unstable when you compare it to the lower area of the spine. Nearly 60% of spinal cord injuries occur in the cervical spine area. 

Helmets help to provide stability for the cervical spine area if there’s a crash. This can help to prevent it from moving in a manner that could result in one of the seven vertebrae becoming damaged. 

What kind of effects might a cervical spine injury have on a person?

Damage to the cervical spine area can result in a host of issues. Some of the more common include changes in the person’s ability to:

  • Regulate their body temperature
  • Move the body below the neck
  • Control their bowels and bladder
  • Feel sensations below the injury
  • Use fine motor skills, balance, or coordination

Sometimes, cervical spine injuries can lead to other changes, such as an inability to function sexually or problems with posture and gait. Changes in circulation and sweating can also occur. 

If you’re injured in a motorcycle crash, you should ensure that you get proper medical care. Catastrophic injuries, such as those that affect the cervical spine, will require long-term care. Some victims of motorcycle wrecks opt to pursue a claim for compensation from the negligent driver who struck them to help get the costs of that care and other losses covered. 


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