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Is it legal for motorcyclists to split lanes on Arizona roads?

Motorcycles offer numerous benefits to those who ride them instead of enclosed motor vehicles. A motorcycle is cheaper to purchase and consumes far less gas. They generally have fewer computerized components, which makes them easier for people to maintain. They are also easier to maneuver on the road because.

It can feel very liberating to move quickly on a motorcycle, hugging curves and reacting with precision to changes in the flow of traffic. However, not every maneuver that you can make on a motorcycle is legal. For example, lane splitting is possible for those on motorcycles because they take up so little room. Is it legal for motorcycles to split lanes with another vehicle on the Arizona roads?

Arizona law doesn’t allow two vehicles to ride next to one another in the same lane

This Arizona state law applies both to enclosed motor vehicles and those on motorcycles. It is not legal for a motorcyclist to maneuver around larger vehicles by entering a lane already occupied by a vehicle.

This practice, frequently called lane splitting, makes it harder for other drivers to track your maneuvers and could easily lead to an accident. Lane splitting could help someone escape from a traffic deadlock, but they would have to break state traffic laws to do so.

Knowing what laws apply to you on your motorcycle can help you stay safer, keep you from getting a traffic ticket and help prevent other people from trying to blame you if you get into a crash on your motorcycle.


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