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Should you worry about a crash with an uninsured driver?

When someone runs a red light and smashes into the passenger side of your car, you expect to just file an insurance claim. Liability coverage for the driver that hit you should pay for your property damage costs and any medical expenses from the crash.

Arizona’s insurance system is usually straightforward. The policy paid for by the person who caused the crash is the policy that pays for someone’s medical bills and property damage losses. Unfortunately, it is possible that someone irresponsible enough to cause a collision is also irresponsible enough to drive without insurance.

Thousands of people let their insurance policies lapse. Some do so on purpose to save money, others do so by mistake. In either case, they leave people without the necessary protections after a crash. What is the likelihood of encountering uninsured drivers on the Arizona road? What can you do if you get into a crash with a driver who doesn’t have insurance?

Arizona has a moderate amount of uninsured drivers

Arizona sits right in the middle of the national spread for car insurance coverage. Ranking 24th in the nation, Arizona has about 11.8% of all total motorists driving without insurance at any given time.

While the number of drivers without insurance may not be as high as it is in many other states, it’s still high enough that more than one in 10 drivers won’t have a policy on their vehicle. If they cause a crash, that means there won’t be any coverage provided at their expense for the people who get hurt or who have to deal with making repairs to their vehicle because of a crash.

Who protects you from uninsured drivers?

Sometimes, your own insurance policy helps protect you against other people who don’t have insurance. Your uninsured and underinsured driver coverage can reimburse you for losses the other person’s insurance should have covered. If you pay extra for this coverage, you’ll have more options when hit by an uninsured driver.

Of course, making a claim against your own policy can affect the premiums you pay. You may also not have enough coverage for your total losses. Some drivers will find they have no choice but to file a civil lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash. Although you can’t know which drivers won’t have insurance, you can at least know the right way to respond if an uninsured driver causes a wreck.


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