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The link between a motorcyclist’s clothing choices and safety

Motorcyclists are responsible for their actions when they take to the roadway; however, motorcycle clothiers and gear manufacturers also share the responsibility to pay close attention to biker safety.

Recent items that manufacturers have introduced on the market have shown promise of improving motorcyclists’ safety

Innovative technology that aims to make the roads safer for motorcyclists

Airbag jackets or vests are among the latest types of innovative gear that promises to enhance motorcyclist safety. Their sensors cause the vest or jacket to inflate when it senses an impact. This protectionary feature can keep motorcyclists from suffering potentially life-threatening chest and internal organ injuries. They were instrumental in saving at least 2,700 motorcyclists’ lives in 2016. 

Another type of innovative technology that has emerged in recent years is Bluetooth-connected gloves. They allow a motorcyclist to adjust their speed and even activate a helmet camera or a global positioning system (GPS) without ever taking their hands off their motorcycle’s handlebars. This innovative technology stands to minimize motorcycle crashes, especially since distractions often lead motorcyclists to lose control of their motorbikes.

Many manufacturers are also beginning to install GPS systems into their helmets that will provide motorcyclists with directions and warn them of approaching vehicles, as well. They also include built-in cameras that allow them to see when motorists approach them from behind or in other blind spots. 

Boot manufacturers have begun equipping their products with innovative tech as well. Many manufacturers now construct their boots with a material called flexible impact technology, which can effectively absorb the impact of a crash should a motorcyclist have a collision. 

What to know about covering medical costs resulting from a catastrophic crash

Motorcycle accidents tend to result in a rider’s serious injuries, whether it’s an amputation, paralysis, a spinal cord or head injury or something else. While wearing a helmet and or heavy-duty, protective clothing has historically aided riders in reducing the severity of their injuries; this technology aims to take things a bit further. 

The onus falls on passenger car drivers and truckers to do their part to keep you safe, though as well. You should know that Arizona law allows you to recover compensation should another party’s negligence result in you suffering injuries. An attorney here in Mesa can advise you of your right to do that in your case. 


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