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How do you know how much your case is worth?

Another driver causes a car accident. You know, pretty much from the time the crash happens, that you want to seek some form of compensation. None of this was your fault and you do not feel it is fair to have to cover the costs for someone else’s negligence.

Now the question becomes a bit more complicated: How much do you actually need? How much do you deserve? When you file your case, how do you know what costs should be covered?

Make sure you carefully consider every cost

The key is to break down the case into all of the costs that you face, as diverse as they may be, so that you can get coverage for everything that you deserve. Examples include things like:

  • The immediate cost of your medical care
  • Long-term medical costs if you have suffered a disability, need physical rehabilitation, etc.
  • Lost wages if you could not go to work, missed extended time or were so badly injured that you had to end your career
  • Compensation for the loss of a loved one, if they passed away in the crash
  • Compensation for pain and suffering that you had to endure as a result of being in the accident

You may also be able to seek compensation for changes that you’ll have to live with moving forward. For instance, if you suffered injuries in the accident that led to a disfigurement, the physical side of that may heal. However, you still have the disfigurement, which can impact your enjoyment of life, your marriage, your ability to get a job and much more. Even if the injury no longer brings on direct medical costs, do not assume that is all that the other person is responsible for. They changed your life, and they’re responsible for that, as well.

Moving forward with your case

As you can see, there is much more to a personal injury case than may initially meet the eye. As you move forward with this case, be sure you know what legal options you have.


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