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Three common reasons for truck wrecks that don’t involve driver errors

Semitruck crashes can lead to very serious injuries that require urgent medical care. The financial consequences of these wrecks can have a profound impact on the life of the victim as well as their family members. Seeking fair compensation for these kinds of accidents means identifying every possible liable party. 

Many people think that truckers are always at fault for these crashes, but this isn’t true. There are other causes of semitruck wrecks that should be considered when you’re contemplating a claim. Here’s a closer look at three of them:

Cargo problems

The cargo the semitruck is carrying can be a hazard when it isn’t properly loaded and secured. It can come off the semitruck and strike another vehicle. It can land on the road and lead to crashes. It’s also possible that the cargo will shift if it isn’t properly secured, which can cause the trucker to lose control of their vehicle and jackknife or overturn.

Other motorists

A big rig crash might also have been due to another motorist’s actions. When other vehicles cut off a semitruck or drive unsafely around them, it can leave a trucker unable to react in time to stop an accident.

Poor maintenance

When a semi isn’t properly maintained, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Many trucking companies hire other companies to do their vehicle maintenance and repairs. If a repair company slips up, that can easily lead to a wreck.

When you’ve been seriously hurt in a wreck with a semi, it’s smart to consider all the possible third-party claims you may have. An experienced advocate can help you learn more.


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