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What are the primary causes of deadly auto accidents?

Data published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2014 shows that 32,675 fatal crashes happened that year. Some of these accidents involved just one automobile, while others involve two or more of them. While many motorists die instantly due to their involvement in a crash, others perish at the hospital. There are trends as to when and how fatal accidents occur

3 leading factors cause the majority of wrecks

Distracted driving is the leading cause of fatal accidents, according to the driver education company Drive Safely. Cell phones aren’t the only factor that distracts a motorist. Interacting with others in the vehicle, reaching for something, eating and messing with the radio are all factors that can easily take a driver’s attention off the road. Drive Safely data shows that distracted driving most afflicts those individuals between the ages of 15 and 20. 

Alcohol and drug consumption also often result in deadly crashes. Prescription medications affect motorists just as much as illicit drugs. These substances impact a person’s ability to reason, and thus their reaction times, making them prone to crashes.

Speeding is another factor that results in fatalities. The motorists most apt to die in speed-related accidents are male teens and young adults. Motorists who fail to adjust how fast they’re going for the weather conditions or traffic patterns are most apt to die in a crash.

Other contributing factors to fatal crashes

The time of the day, week, and year can increase your risk of becoming involved in a fatal crash. NHTSA data shows that weekday rush hour, weekend nights and holiday times are extraordinarily dangerous to take to the road. 

Another reason why motorists die in car crashes is that they fail to wear seat belts, drive during inclement weather, operate a poorly maintained vehicle or fail to obey traffic signs or signals. 

What you can do if a loved one dies in a crash

The loss of a loved one in a car accident can seem unbearable. You may find it hard to envision your future without their companionship and financial support. Fortunately, Arizona law allows you to hold a negligent motorist who prematurely took your loved one’s life accountable for their actions. A wrongful death attorney can advise you of your right to recover compensation for your Mesa relative’s loss. 


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