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Take extra care when driving near commercial trucks

It’s stressful and dangerous to drive in close proximity to commercial trucks, especially when you’re moving at a high rate of speed.

Knowing how to drive defensively is key when it comes to protecting yourself from injuries. Here are some tips you can follow to reduce the risk of an accident when you’re near heavy trucks and other commercial vehicles:

  • Leave plenty of space: The more space there is between your vehicle and the truck, the easier it is to drive safely and avoid trouble. 
  • Don’t drive in blind spots: Commercial trucks have many blind spots, which is another reason why you should leave additional space. If you drive in a trucker’s blind spot, they may lose track of your vehicle. And that increases the risk of them making a decision that puts your safety at risk.
  • Watch for dangerous behavior: Truckers are often under a lot of stress. They have stops to make and tight deadlines to meet. For that reason, they often engage in irresponsible behavior on the road. This takes on many forms, such as excessive speeding, illegal lane changes and distracted driving. If you spot a negligent trucker, head up the road ahead or lag behind. Space is your friend.

Should a negligent trucker cause an accident, such as the result of speeding or drowsy driving, your health is at risk. Call 911 to ensure yourself of promptly receiving medical treatment.

Once you obtain care and understand your injuries, turn your focus to protecting your legal rights. You may be able to hold the trucker and/or trucking company responsible for your injuries and other damages. 


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