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Despite lower driver deaths, Arizona crashes are on the rise

Car crashes are a major source of death and injury in Arizona, although the trends in recent years have been somewhat positive. Better medical care, safer late-model vehicles and other factors have led to an overall decrease in traffic fatalities.

Experts have noted the trend both at a federal and a state level. While it is certainly a positive thing that the number of deaths associated with traffic collisions has trended lower in recent years, there is another concerning statistic that shows that drivers need to continue prioritizing safety out on the streets.

Although deaths are declining, injuries are on the rise

In 2019, Arizona hit a three-year low for crash-related deaths according to the state Department of Transportation. There were only 982 fatalities across the state, which was a minor reduction from 2018’s 1,011 deaths. Although there were between two and three deaths every day, when you look at the number of crashes, which is 129,750, you can see that only a fraction of crashes cause a death.

Still, just because more people can live through these wrecks doesn’t mean the roads are safer. The total number of crashes has actually gone up, which means that there is a lower percentage of fatal crashes despite there being more collisions overall. While lower risk of death is a good thing, death isn’t the only worry in a car crash.

In 2019, another 53,809 people got hurt in crashes, a figure which is up from 2018, even if it is lower than 2017’s 55,879 injuries. That means that tens of thousands of individuals and families needed medical care after crashes. Some of those victims may have life-long injuries.

It’s important to prioritize your safety

Don’t let the idea that driving is safer now go to your head. It only takes one or two bad months to completely change where the current year falls in the historical analysis of driving fatalities. There’s still plenty of reason to focus on safety at the wheel.

The total number of crashes is up, as are the number of injuries suffered in collisions. While you may have less risk of dying, that decrease is offset by the increase in crashes that leave people with serious injuries.

People who get hurt in car crashes could incur expenses that far exceed their insurance coverage and leave them struggling financially. Help navigating claims and bringing a personal injury lawsuit could help those adjusting to life after a crash-related injury.


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