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Garda driver flips vehicle, passenger suffers fatal injuries

Arizona is no stranger to truck collisions, but one particular company has been involved in several across the United States. This has brought it up to national significance, as it’s being questioned why the firm is having so many issues with their drivers.

In the May 6 case, a Garda armored truck was traveling east on State Route 202 when it suddenly left the roadway. It went through a concrete barrier before rolling and coming to a stop in a cement ditch. The driver was pulled to safety by witnesses, but the passenger in the rear of the vehicle suffered serious injuries. He died from those injuries, which were believed to have been caused by the vehicle rolling over.

This is not the only time Garda has been involved in a truck crash. In March, a report out of Florida said that around 19 people had been killed in crashes with these vehicles since 2008. In the last year alone, three people have died. One such case in Phoenix ended up leaving one person dead after the driver of the Garda truck was distracted by his phone.

Based on police reports, inspections, company documents and other information, it was believed that Garda had placed unsafe trucks on the road with drivers who were prone to errors. The company disagrees with those claims, stating that it has purchased 550 new armored vehicles over the last three years with an additional 160 units to arrive during 2020.

If you are involved in a crash with a Garda vehicle, you’re not alone. Many people are hurt or killed in crashes with these heavy vehicles. You may have a right to seek compensation for what you’ve been through.


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