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Truckers shouldn’t ever drive fatigued

Semitruck drivers are being called on to work many hours because of the need to transport vital goods amid the current conditions in this country. One of the ways that this is being made possible is through President Trump relaxing the hours of service regulations. This rule normally restricts truckers to driving no more than 11 hours before having to take a break of at least 10 hours. With the relaxed rules, truckers can drive more hours if they are transporting specific things like medical supplies, food or cleaning supplies.

Throughout this time, truckers must ensure that they aren’t driving while they are fatigued. Signals that they are too tired to drive include things like not remembering the last few miles of their trip, being unable to keep their eyes open, yawning often or swerving all over the road. Any trucker who is showing these signs or others that might point to fatigue need to pull over and get some sleep before they continue their haul.

A fatigued trucker places themselves and others at risk of being involved in a vehicle wreck. Unfortunately, there are trucking companies that are going to push truckers to try to drive long hours despite showing signs of fatigue. When this happens and innocent individuals are harmed, someone should be held liable for the damages.

Victims of semitruck crashes caused by fatigue might choose to seek compensation for the damages they experience. This can include damages for medical care expenses and lost wages, as well as others that might be present in a specific case. There isn’t any reason for innocent people to be left holding a bill because of another person’s negligence.


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