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The basics of an Arizona wrongful death claim

Losing someone you love because another party acted negligently is devastating to families in Mesa, Arizona. Not only must you face the harsh fact that you lost a loved one, but you must also cope with any anger or other emotions you may feel.

Most people feel strongly about calling out the negligence that lead to someone’s death. One way many choose to do so is by initiating a wrongful death claim.

The purpose of a wrongful death claim

Like an injury claim, a wrongful death suit allows the victim’s family to seek damages for the deceased as well as damages suffered by the victim’s survivors.

Who can file a claim in Arizona?

The deceased victim’s spouse, parents, children or guardians of the victim’s children. Also, a personal representative or an executor in charge of the deceased’s estate may file a wrongful death claim.

What damages can survivors recover?

  • The expenses associated with the deceased’s funeral
  • The future income that the victim would have earned
  • The loss of financial support for the family
  • The medical expenses occurring before the victim died
  • The loss of companionship a spouse might suffer
  • The pain and suffering of family members

Final thoughts

In many wrongful death cases, the last thing family members think about is seeking financial compensation or other rewards. However, it is more about holding the responsible party to account for negligence than it is about acquiring money. Making certain that the party that caused your loved one harm is brought to justice can go a long way in helping your family cope. An injury lawyer can provide you with additional details about filing a claim.


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