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How to deal with an Uber accident

Uber is a convenient way of getting from place to place. The ride-hailing service prides itself on its efficiency. But it’s sometimes too efficient. Some drivers do not heed the rules of the road, weaving like a menace and hugging the bumpers of other motorists. One sudden move and you may find yourself a victim of their recklessness.

If you suffer injuries in a ride-sharing collision, you may wonder what rights to recourse you have. By following these steps, you can work toward achieving appropriate compensation.

Report the crash

Once you make sure everyone involved in the collision is safe, you need to report it. Uber gives you the option to report the accident through the app. You can also call the company’s emergency hotline, which could prove quicker and more effective. And instead of ordering another car to take you away from the scene right away, make sure you dial 911.

Figure out your claim options

Your Uber driver – not you – operated the vehicle involved in the collision, so your automotive insurance will not cover your claim. But if your Uber driver caused the accident, the company’s insurance will process your claim and compensate you for injuries and damages. Uber’s coverage limit is $1 million for accidents caused by your driver. If the other motorist hits your Uber, then you can file your claim through their insurance company. And if they lack full insurance or have no insurance, Uber’s will cover up to a $250,000 claim on your behalf.

Consider a lawsuit

Your Uber accident may have caused you severe injuries that require compensation beyond the claim limit. Or you may discover that your Uber driver has a checkered driving or legal history. In these cases, consider filing a civil suit against them. You may think that pursuing a lawsuit against Uber would make more sense. But the company hires their drivers as contractors. This structure helps Uber avoid responsibility beyond the initial insurance payout. And it ensures that any further compensation come through your driver.

Most Uber passengers aren’t victims of an accident while riding. But it’s wise to know what to do if you’re in a collision while using the app. Consulting a personal injury lawyer can help you achieve fair compensation in case one occurs.


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