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Drinking coffee in the car is a distraction

People often look at texting and driving when talking about distractions. They commit to putting away their phone or even turning it off. They always set up the GPS before they start driving, so they don’t have to do it on the way. They get a playlist going, pick their favorite music and adjust the mirrors. They don’t want any distractions on the way to work.

Then, on the way there, they spend their commute drinking a nice hot cup of coffee. It’s part of their morning routine. When they arrive, they want to be awake and alert.

The issue is that coffee is a major distraction, as well. In some cases, it’s ranked up there with things like phone use in causing deadly accidents. That cup of coffee may be a morning tradition for millions and millions of workers all over the country, but it’s also taking lives.

In some instances, it’s just the simple act of reaching to pick up the cup. The driver has to look at it, meaning they’re not looking at the road, and then hold it in one hand, leaving only one for the wheel. In other cases, it’s a spill that acts as a distraction. Even a minor spill can coat someone’s hand in blisteringly hot coffee, and their natural reaction is to alleviate that pain — even when that means letting go of the wheel and losing all focus on driving.

Workers should either drink coffee before they leave or save it for the office. Until they do, though, it’s going to cause serious accidents. Those who get hurt need to know if they can seek compensation.


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