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Automated trucking company is closer to fruition

For years, tech companies have pushed for opportunities to bring autonomous driving trucks onto U.S. highways. Significant advances in both computer automation and safety have many developers feeling optimistic that a fully autonomous trucking company is close to reality. Arizona has already been the testing grounds for many of these types of self-driving vehicles.

Daimler Trucks announced it has teamed up with Torc Robotics in developing a fully automated commercial tractor-trailer. The company has progressed far enough that it is conducting level 4 testing on roads and highways throughout the nation. Level 4 testing allows the operation of these vehicles in autonomous mode as long as certain conditions are met and with the presence of both an experienced engineer and an individual who holds a commercial license and has knowledge of automated operating systems.

In addition to the automated driving system, the truck manufacturer is designing a chassis for self-driving vehicles that will include multiple duplicate features to increase both the safety and reliability of these machines. Daimler has incorporated the robotic technology company into a new corporation that will focus solely on the development and production of autonomous commercial vehicles. The robotics company has a successful history of operating self-driving commercial trucks over a variety of terrain and in diverse weather conditions.

Daimler hopes to increase both safety and productivity with the commercial vehicles it is working to develop. There are several companies that are in the testing phase with the goal of bringing a fully automated trucking company closer to fruition. In spite of the promises of increased safety, having increased automation may lead to the possibility of failures of critical components that could lead to serious crashes. Victims of Arizona truck crashes typically suffer greater personal injury and financial damages due to the sheer size of these commercial vehicles. It may be possible to pursue recovery for one’s monetary losses through the state’s civil justice system. 


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