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Man dies following amputation injury, broken neck in crash

Riding a motorcycle comes with a profound sense of freedom as well as numerous dangers. No matter how much experience a motorcyclist may possess, when it comes to negligent motorists, experience and skill may not prevent a tragic crash. Sadly, one man suffered fatal injuries, including an amputation, after a collision on an Arizona road.

According to investigators, a 43-year-old woman was driving along a local road when she executed a left-hand turn across travel lanes. A man driving a motorcycle north was unable to avoid colliding with her vehicle. The resulting impact left the man with devastating injuries.

Police reported that the victim suffered an amputation of his left leg. He also suffered a cervical fracture and a broken pelvis, leg and arm. Though the man was transported to a medical center, he died from his traumatic injuries. The woman left the scene of the crash and drove a short distance to her work. She later left her vehicle and returned to her home.

Arizona police found the woman after a search of her vehicle turned up her home address. Though she is a recent immigrant, she was aware of the legal requirements regarding traffic accidents. To date, she has been charged with leaving the scene of a fatal collision though it is unclear whether she will face any additional charges.  

Due to the design features of motorcycles, riders are at a higher risk of devastating injuries such as amputation and spinal injuries. Those who are seriously injured in these types of crashes may never fully return to their previous quality of life. If these accidents result in the death of a loved one, surviving family may not only grieve their loss, they may also be saddled with enormous monetary damages. When these horrific accidents can be attributed to the actions of another party, it may be possible recoup financial damages through a personal injury or wrongful death civil suit.


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