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One potential cause of a truck accident has low cost prevention

As a woman was on her way to work, she was unaware of the danger she faced. Sadly, a loose tire brought a sudden and tragic end to her life. Surprisingly, though, there is a low-cost prevention for this type of truck accident. Arizona residents continue to face the danger that a loose tire poses to unsuspecting travelers.

One of the most basic maintenance issues when it comes to any vehicle, including commercial vehicles, is related to tire safety. Ensuring that lug nuts are properly tightened takes just minutes. The National Transportation Safety Board estimates that three accidents could be prevented yearly by taking the time to inspect lug nuts on the tires of large vehicles. There is a low-tech, inexpensive device that could ensure that all lug nuts are properly fastened.

In America, the fine for allowing a loose wheel to cause an accident is approximately $150. However, in Canada, the fine can exceed $50,000. This serious issue was first investigated in the 1990s by both Canadian and American agencies after a series of accidents in both countries. In order to avoid the hefty fines, Canadian trucking companies invested in a simple device that is installed on lug nuts, which provides a clear indication that a lug nut is securely tightened. The device costs less than a dollar per piece and can be easily installed on every lug nut.

The woman was killed by a loose tire on a pickup truck. However, an inspection of both buses and trucks in lots of one city showed that few commercial vehicles had the devices installed. Though these devices are not mandated, the prevention of just one truck accident would make the nominal cost a worthwhile investment. Arizona travelers whose lives are forever changed by the negligence of another party may have the option to seek recovery of their financial damages by pursuing a civil lawsuit against the parties deemed liable for their documented losses. 


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