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Some trucking companies taking action on distracted driver danger

Every day there are reports on the terrible price victims pay when a negligent truck driver fails to place safety first. There have been countless Arizona families who have been permanently scarred by the devastation caused by a truck accident. Along with efforts at the federal level to reduce the dangers posed by a distracted driver, some trucking companies are implementing stricter policies.

The experiences of one truck driver, who has been driving for approximately four decades, have taught him that there is no reason to use a cell phone while driving. He claims that his safe driving has earned him an accident-free record. Unfortunately, not every trucker is as diligent. In an effort to combat the temptation that a trucker may have to use these devices while working, one company has made cell phone use a reason for termination. If company officials with Werner Enterprises see a driver using a cell phone, he or she will be terminated instead of receiving a warning. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been targeting distracted drivers. Its regulations include penalties such as fines and suspended licenses for drivers who violate them. In addition to the federal regulations, some trucking companies spend millions every year in educating drivers, and rewarding those who follow the laws. Werner has made safety is the top priority and fires drivers who violate company policy. 

FMCSA regulations state that any action requiring more than a push of a single button qualifies as distracted driving. It remains to be seen if other trucking companies will adopt such strict measures to ensure that a distracted driver does not cause a trucking accident. Anyone who has been injured as a result of a trucking  accident in Arizona may be entitled to pursue recovery of documented monetary damages by means of a civil lawsuit.


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