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More evidence of the threat posed by a dangerous breed

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Dog Bites

In life, there are many things that can pose a threat to the well-being of children and adults. While many of these cannot be eliminated, there are some that could possibly be reduced through laws and due diligence. Sadly, in spite of some breed ban laws in many areas, the threat of harm posed by one potentially dangerous breed continues to endanger the lives of many Arizona residents.

On Halloween night, children were out in force, seeking to collect as many treats as their bags and buckets could hold. Sadly, on a night meant for fun and harmless scares, several children faced a real nightmare when two pit bulls escaped and began chasing them. In the first reported incident, a group of three siblings and a friend were trick-or-treating when the dogs started pursuing them. The mother placed herself between the children and the dogs in order to shield them from an attack. While being bitten, she climbed onto a vehicle to get out of the reach of the animals.

A neighbor intervened on her behalf and was viciously attacked by the dogs. The animals ran off and confronted another group of children. A neighbor again intervened and took the brunt of the dogs’ frenzied bites. Police arrived and were forced to shoot one of the dogs while the second was taken into custody by animal control officers. Two of the victims were transported for treatment of their serious injuries.

Animal control officials stated that it would not be safe to return the remaining dog to its home. Officials are considering whether the owner should face criminal charges. While this particular incident did not occur in Arizona, the fact that this state has outlawed breed ban legislation means that residents may continue to endure unwarranted attacks from this potentially dangerous breed. Victims do have recourse to seek just compensation for their monetary damages through the state’s civil courts.


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