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Motorcycle accidents frequently result in serious brain injuries

The prospect of having one’s life turned upside down by a serious injury likely never crosses one’s thoughts. Unfortunately, every day is full of random events that can result in life-changing injuries, especially when victims suffer serious brain injuries as a result of motorcycle accidents. These crashes occur frequently in Arizona, and families often struggle to handle the physical and financial burdens that follow.

A traumatic brain injury occurs when the brain violently impacts the inside of the skull due to excessive force such as happens during a collision. Injuries are caused through two means, both through the tearing and bruising of brain tissue and blood vessels and through the stretching or tearing of the nerve connections inside the brain structure that carry nerve impulses. While the former type of injuries can often be diagnosed through the use of imaging equipment, the damage done to the neuronal axons cannot be diagnosed until the patient displays obvious symptoms.

There are three degrees of traumatic brain injury that range from mild — which may allow a patient to fully recover — to severe, which may result in a persistent vegetative state. These injuries are classified according to severity and the patients’ initial response to the injury; however, because of the composition of the brain and the various structures that can be affected, no two patients will exhibit the exact same symptoms nor will they experience a similar recovery. Regardless of the type or severity of a head injury, those who suffer from them may never fully recover. 

Countless victims of motorcycle accidents or other collisions have had their lives forever altered as a result of these tragedies. If victims or their families suspect that an accident was the result of negligence on the part of another party, they may have recourse to pursue financial relief for their damages. An Arizona attorney can assess a case and help families navigate the civil court system successfully if such action is warranted.


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