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The state of distracted driving rules in the greater Phoenix area

Arizona is one of the few remaining places in the United States that does not have a full statewide ban on texting while driving. However, this does not mean such conduct is legal everywhere in the state. Currently, cities and counties can put their own rules in place against cellphone-related distracted driving.

What this means is that, throughout the state, including here in the greater Phoenix metro area, there is a great deal of variation on what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to cellphones and driving. Some communities opt to put special restrictions on drivers on this front, while other do not.

And the cities and counties that do have restrictions vary greatly in what exactly they restrict. Some just have ticketing for distracted driving in situations in which drivers are using cellphones in a way that police view as posing a danger to the driver or others. Others ban texting-and-driving outright. Others go even further.

For example, take a new rule set out by one city in the greater Phoenix area: Surprise. Surprise has banned drivers from any handheld phone use behind the wheel. This ban took effect earlier this month and police plan to start issuing fines for violations towards the front end of next month. According to a recent article, this is currently the strictest distracted driving rule in the Phoenix area.

So, what is and isn’t against the rules when it comes to cellphones here in the greater Phoenix metro area depends on where exactly a driver is. What impacts do you think this is having on the behavior of drivers in the area? Do you think this current system is working or would you prefer a more uniform statewide rule?

Whether it occurs in an area where it is legal or illegal, cellphone-related distracted driving has the potential to trigger major car crashes. It is important for individuals harmed in accidents caused by distracted drivers to know their legal rights regarding compensation. One thing that can help with this is having one’s case evaluated by a skilled car accident attorney.


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