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Dangerous bacteria leads to man suffering permanent disfigurement

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | Dog Bites

There are few inter-species relationships that are as close as the one between people and their dogs. Studies show that pet ownership provides many health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, not every pet is a devoted companion, and there have been countless reports of Arizona residents suffering permanent disfigurement due to an unprovoked attack.

A 48-year-old man sought medical treatment after what he thought was the flu had caused a red and blue coloration to spread from his face down throughout the rest of his body. Doctors diagnosed a bacterial infection in his blood stream and administered antibiotics. While the infection soon cleared, complications lead to tiny clots forming in his blood vessels that required surgical removal of his hands, feet and a portion of his nose.

The patient is currently receiving rehabilitation therapy and is planning to acquire prosthetic limbs in the future. Since this man was not bitten by a dog, it is assumed that he contracted the bacteria when his own pet licked him. This bacteria is found in the saliva of dogs and cats is usually benign when introduced into the human body. Sadly, this victim discovered that his body had an unusual reaction to this bacteria, and his immune system responded with an all-out war against the man’s circulatory system.

Medical professionals insist that the chances of this bacteria causing serious illness in healthy individuals remains low, though there have been two other reports of people contracting the infection recently. Since an estimated 74 percent of dogs carry this bacteria, those who suffer from a dog bite may benefit from watching closely for signs of an infection. Victims who suffer from an unprovoked animal attack often endure unrelenting physical and emotional pain as well as permanent disfigurement. Arizona victims may have recourse for recovering their monetary damages through a civil lawsuit against the parties who can be held legally responsible. 


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