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Pedestrian Accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | Articles

No matter how careful a pedestrian you think you may be, there is still a risk of getting hit by a vehicle while crossing the street.

This past year the pedestrian fatality rate in America jumped 11 percent to nearly 6,000, making it the largest percent increase of pedestrian fatalities in a single year. In Arizona alone, however, that percent jumped 12.8%.

The leading cause of pedestrian accidents is, as usual, distracted drivers. Whether it’s talking on the cell phone, taking a bite of a hamburger, or changing the radio, the risks of hitting a pedestrian are exceedingly high. And in busier cities, the leading cause of pedestrian accidents tends to be aggressive driving because drivers are more likely to violate traffic signs and throw fits of road rage that result in fast, perilous speeds.Drivers, however, are not the only ones to blame for pedestrian accidents.

Today, pedestrians seem to often be the distracted ones. With everyone having a cell phone now and days, it’s very easy to have your head down and eyes glued to the screen while crossing a busy intersection. With that being said, it is crucial that both drivers and pedestrians refrain from becoming distracted when behind the wheel or crossing streets.


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