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How to Pay Less for Auto Insurance

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Safe Driving = Cheaper Auto Insurance Rates

Life is expensive and discounts seem hard to come by. There is just not much opportunity for negotiating a lower payment on the necessities … except for auto insurance. If you are a driver, then car insurance is absolutely necessary, so why not do what it takes to have a lower premium? It is possible to receive auto insurance discounts for being a safe driver. You are already careful on the road and you deserve to be rewarded.

What qualifies as “safe driving”? While each insurance carrier is different, two basic elements seem to be universal:

No Moving Violations

Moving violations – meaning that you break a traffic law while driving – are red flags to insurers. Avoiding these is vital to keeping car insurance premiums low because expensive bodily injuries and vehicle repairs do not result from obeying traffic laws. If you have a record of speeding, running red lights, or driving under the influence, then you are obviously an insurance risk. A clean driving record without these infractions is a sure way to receive good driving discounts.

No At-Fault Collisions

Naturally, the more claims that are filed against your insurance, the more they will charge you for using it! By not causing collisions, your insurance carrier sees that you are a responsible driver and their risk of insuring you and your vehicle is minimal. That low-risk probability is exactly what the insurance carrier wants and they will commonly reward that no-fault record by charging you less.

Other discounts can be earned by drivers who:

Take a Defensive Driving Course

Adults can save money by taking a defensive driving class wherein traffic laws are reviewed, inclement weather driving tips are offered, and defensive driving skills are taught. Young drivers can save money on insurance by taking these classes. Insurance companies know that this extra education statistically drops incidents of claim filing.

Drive a Vehicle with Safety Features

Whether these features are airbags, daytime headlights, or anti-theft devices, insurance companies are right to assume that these added elements will cost them less in injury claims, vehicle damage, and theft claims.

The better your driving and the safer your car, the lower your insurance rates. And more importantly, the safer you drive the more protected you, your passengers, and other drivers will be. Save yourself some money and stress by driving responsibly.


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