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3 Motorcycle Laws You Need to Know

Riding Legally with 3 Motorcycle Laws You Need to Know

The freedom you feel when riding a motorcycle is unparalleled. If you know that feeling of freedom, then you also know that riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous. This is why that freedom comes with a bevy of laws designed to keep you and your passengers safe. Because the regulations of motorcycle safety change from time to time, it is a good idea to take another look and see what has changed and what is tried and true. The following 3 laws deserve review:

Wear eye protection.

This is not new, but it certainly bears repeating. While only operators and passengers under 18 years of age are required to wear a helmet, all riders are required to wear protective gear for their eyes. Goggles, glasses or a helmet with a transparent facemask are all appropriate. Even a motorcycle with a protective windshield counts as eye protection. Bikes with a short windscreen, however, do not qualify as appropriate eye protection.

Passengers are allowed IF

If your bike is designed to carry a passenger, then it is legal to do so. If your bike is not designed to carry a passenger, then it is not legal to do so. End of story. For a motorcycle to be considered designed for a passenger, it has to be equipped with both a passenger seat and passenger footrests. Your passenger’s feet must be able to reach the footrests.

Ape Hangers are now legal!

Before 2015, motorcycle handlebars could not place the operator’s hands above shoulder level when seated on the bike. Now handlebars that place the operator’s hands well-above shoulder level, lovingly referred to as “ape hangers,” have been legalized in Arizona.

To maintain your safety and that of your passenger, you should review Arizona’s motorcycle laws once in awhile. Whether you are reminding yourself of long-standing regulations or learning about changes and new legal requirements, your best protection will be awareness of what you need to stay safe and legal on the road. If you have any questions, the professionals at Nate Cooley Law are here to help.


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