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Burns in motorcycle crashes may cause serious injuries and disabilities

Motorcycles are fun to ride, but they do have their dangers. The exhaust pipe, for example, may get very hot during a ride. Muffler burns, as well as those from other exposed piping, can be serious. They may be something as simple as a first-degree burn or as severe as a third-degree burn.

When a rider crashes because someone else hits them or they have to lay down the vehicle to avoid more serious injuries, there is an increased risk that they will come into contact with those hot elements. If a motorcycle is on top of the rider following a crash, there is a risk that they could be getting burned, too.

How do motorcycle burns happen?

It is most likely for burns to happen if the person doesn’t have any riding gear on. For example, if their legs are exposed, then that skin may come into direct contact with the motorcycle.

A quick touch to the hot element may only result in a first-degree burn, which may become red or slightly swell. However, extended exposure to the elements may lead to burns that damage the layers of the skin down to muscle and bone. It’s possible that these kinds of burns could be disfiguring and disabling.

What should you do if you suffer burns in a motorcycle crash?

After any kind of motorcycle crash, it’s important for you to seek medical attention. Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of injuries, so call 911 and stay where you are. Wait for help, so that you get treatment without moving in a way that may cause further damage.

At the scene, try to remember what happened. If you’re able to talk to others, get their information and have them stay with you until help arrives. Remember not to move unless you need to do so for safety reasons.

If another driver hit you and caused you to suffer injuries, including burns, then you may be able to make a claim against them and hold them accountable for your injuries. You will want to have medical documentation to make that claim, so seek attention right away.


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